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Drew’s Creative Marketing 101, from the top

1.  Creatively design a very clear short UNIQUE brand statement.  Define what are you, do or what are you selling, make a very clear statement that is easy to understand. Don’t be afraid to make it simple for a 9th grader. People when they first see your ad, web site, app, Facebook ad or printed brochure only take 3-4 seconds to decide if this is for them.  So with your web site, in 4 seconds what is the first impression? That first 4 seconds is most crucial for communication. After 4 seconds you have gained or lost them.  If you watch Steve Jobs in his Apple announcements at the Apple Developer conferences, they are very simple and easy to understand.  There is a also a great book on this subject called “Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs”.  Too many people in their words and graphics confuse or distract people. If the statement could have a “why” in it that is even better.

2.  Creatively work to connect with users where they are and who they are. This means understand your user or purchaser and communicate what they need to know about your product or service. What products or services do they like, how much will they pay. Are they mountains to overcome like they think “I cannot do that on a computer”, or “its too complicated for me” or “I thought this is for a professional, not me”.

Creativity is essential to Marketing

Creativity is essential to Marketing

3.  Entertaining and humor helps a lot

4. Introducing conflict or tension in the communication can help sometimes.

5. Then there is creative product placement, channels, pricing, support and analysis.

October 31, 2014