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Inter-Brain Synchronization

Inter brain synchrony (IBS) has been observed in many social interactions. IBS has been observed between people in:  heart beat, music performance and listening, brain waves, video gamers, movie watching, duetting pianists, team collaboration,  team work with two aircraft pilots, child-mother relationship and other activities people do together. In most cases researches have observed the IBS behavior by using fMRI or EEG.

Inter-Brain Synchronization during Social Interaction  

The Brains of people playing online video games synchronize, even when there is a physical distance between the players.     

Post-Memory Acquisition Sleep and Memory Recall

Transient bursts of activity such as hippocampal ripple oscillations, amygdala high-frequency oscillations, and prefrontal cortical ripple oscillations are used in the brain to make memory “stick” to current memories. See the article at Memory Is Formed Through Rewiring of Global Network Among Pre-existing Local Neuronal Ensembles

Brain waves, Sharp-wave Ripples, SWRs from low intensity electrical stimulation

Some brain waves look like Sharp-wave Ripples, these are sometimes called SWR’s.

SWRs can be evoked by low intensity electrical stimulation, and at lower intensities than those needed to evoke detectable population spikes. In addition, evoked SWRs show large variability in amplitude, similar to that of spontaneous events.  See more at:

Hippocampal sharp-wave ripples (SPW-Rs) support consolidation of recently acquired episodic memories and planning future actions by generating ordered neuronal sequences of previous or future experiences.  See more at: