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Music and Inter-brain Synchrony (IBS)

Quite a good article this is on Music synchronizes brainwaves across listeners. Music creates engagement between people. People exposed to music (especially live music) can cause much inter-subject correlation of various neural responses. Also consider this article on Interactions in the classroom which studies group interactions and brain synchrony.

Inter-Brain Synchronization

Inter brain synchrony (IBS) has been observed in many social interactions. IBS has been observed between people in:  heart beat, music performance and listening, brain waves, video gamers, movie watching, duetting pianists, team collaboration,  team work with two aircraft pilots, child-mother relationship and other activities people do together. In most cases researches have observed the IBS behavior by using fMRI or EEG.

Inter-Brain Synchronization during Social Interaction  

The Brains of people playing online video games synchronize, even when there is a physical distance between the players.     

Interface Technology for the Brain

Today people are developing technology to interface directly with the brain. One of the more safe ones (besides just a keyboard and mouse) is EEG (ElectroEncephaloGram). With EEG electrical probes are attached to the head on the surface. These connections are wired to a pre-amplifier or instrument amplifier, digitized and feed into a PC or Mac computer for analysis.

Several very low frequency brain waves have been discovered. The waves are actually radio waves (electro-magnetic) but the magnetic component is so small that just the electrical component is picked up.

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