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Programming and Marketing

Programming is all about logic and mathematics.  Marketing is all about ‘feelings’, it just has to feel right to sell.  So use ‘logic’ to design and build a product that ‘feels right’ so it will sell.  Marketing and branding is all about connecting to users emotions. In branding how it is worded and how it looks is BIG.

Beauty helps us in creativity

Beauty helps us in creativity


Just invent something. There are problems out there, so research one. Try this, try that and make it work.  Keep improving it.  Don’t quit or give up.  Remember Thomas Edison had many many attempts at the light bulb, getting the right wire and right voltage at the right temperature.  So keep trying and don’t give up.  When up again a wall pray and seek guidance from above. Sometimes working on multiple areas at once can help give the inventors mind a break, so you can get the next break through.


Beauty helps us in creativity

Beauty helps us in creativity

Music and Creativity

There is a big connection between Music and creativity. Music activates many areas of the brain bringing together visual, motor, hearing and emotions.  Music even lists us up to God, so it has a spiritual aspect also.

Albert Einstein — ‘If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music.

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” —Albert Einstein,  See more great quotes at:



Having fun…but hard work

Creativity is intelligence having fun! – Albert Einstein  But hard work and persistence is needed to bring it to pass.  Having an idea is great, but turning the idea into something real people can use (and want to use) is difficult. One needs to get organized and make progress almost every day to succeed.


Find that one fun thing and pursue it until everyone knows you have succeeded.DSC_0293

Creativity and Music

There is a very big connection between creativity and music.  Creativity is just connecting things together.  Music connects many areas of the brain together. Playing music connects the right and left sides of the brain. I have heard that some companies have a tendency to hire engineers that also have a major in music because these type of people tend to be the most creative.

Here is a great article on this in Huffington Post and also in Quora.

Music and Piano

Music and Piano