Drew’s Creative Marketing 101, from the top

1.  Creatively design a very clear short UNIQUE brand statement.  Define what are you, do or what are you selling, make a very clear statement that is easy to understand. Don’t be afraid to make it simple for a 9th grader. People when they first see your ad, web site, app, Facebook ad or printed brochure only take 3-4 seconds to decide if this is for them.  So with your web site, in 4 seconds what is the first impression? That first 4 seconds is most crucial for communication. After 4 seconds you have gained or lost them.  If you watch Steve Jobs in his Apple announcements at the Apple Developer conferences, they are very simple and easy to understand.  There is a also a great book on this subject called “Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs”.  Too many people in their words and graphics confuse or distract people. If the statement could have a “why” in it that is even better.

2.  Creatively work to connect with users where they are and who they are. This means understand your user or purchaser and communicate what they need to know about your product or service. What products or services do they like, how much will they pay. Are they mountains to overcome like they think “I cannot do that on a computer”, or “its too complicated for me” or “I thought this is for a professional, not me”.

Creativity is essential to Marketing

Creativity is essential to Marketing

3.  Entertaining and humor helps a lot

4. Introducing conflict or tension in the communication can help sometimes.

5. Then there is creative product placement, channels, pricing, support and analysis.

October 31, 2014

The Importance of Creative SEO in Marketing

The Importance of Creative SEO in Marketing

Not many years ago, salesmen or marketers would do door-to-door marketing, and then came the telemarketers who would call you on the home phone and talk about their products and services. Nowadays, it is the age of digital marketing, where time is at a premium. Gone are the days of yellow pages where searches were based on the categories of services, searches these days are conducted on the digital media and the search engines have taken over. With millions of searches conducted online, how does a marketer ensure that his product or business garners attention? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is therefore a concept which the marketers can only ignore at their own peril.

For the uninitiated, SEO is the technical term used to explain your business in a few keywords. When a search is made on any of the search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing, a series of complicated steps are followed by these search engines to bring you the search results. The sites which will feature in the top 10 of the search results are decided by the search engine based on the keywords and their combinations. So for an advertiser or a marketer, these keywords become a matter of immense importance, because these keywords will determine whether your business will get due attention or not.

Enter the creativity in marketing! You need to conduct keyword research on not just the relevant words but also their combinations, synonyms and similar words. The SEO is a continuous process where the keywords are tweaked regularly based on the search engine feedbacks and data analysis. For effective marketing it is also imperative that the content in the pages is relevant, has good linkages to more information and keywords are not all concentrated together.

An intelligent marketing technique does not only involve creativity but it also need to be integrative. The aim of SEO may be to attract more traffic to your content, but it is equally important to capture the interest of the audience, inform it and then retain it for future reference. Digital marketing therefore forms a big chunk of the total advertising spend for all the big companies. And search marketing forms a dominant percentage of it. SEO is therefore a specialised arm of the marketing department and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that SEO is actually driving the marketing philosophy of many businesses now.

November 3, 2014

Music — Artificial Intelligence

wow, look at the ability for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to learn your music rhythm and melody and play a duet on it.

Try it: Here!    How does it work: Here!

It is here based on Google’s TensorFlow Machine Learning open source software.  Check out this link about “Make Music and Art Using Machine Learning” at magenta.tensorflow.org   Then look at Learning from A.I. Duet .  Some real possibilities for expanding music and allowing software to help accompany the musician.  Yes this will not make one a better musician, but it sure helps to make more music.  The software is part of the work of the Google Brain team who work on Magenta project in collaboration with the Google Creative Lab team.

Now to take this to the next level, consider this note on
Style-conditioned music generation

Piano in the sunlight

Piano in the sunlight

Artificial Intelligence – notes

With machine learning, Neural Networks are looking promising for deep learning. But there is the rise of Bayesians, which is researchers doing Artificial Intelligence (AI) through the scientific method starting with an hypothesis. There is lots of trial and error designing a Neural Network, lots of parameters to tweak as one tries to get the data to correlate. Can machine learning and neural networks help us design better neural networks?

Great video on Deep Learning  and Multilayer Neural Networks,  Deep Learning Summer School, Montreal 2015

Visual features: From Fourier to Gabor,  Deep Learning Summer School, Montreal 2015

What is a MOOC? —  a study course made available over the Internet for free to a large number of people

The Columbia River in the snow

The Columbia River in the snow

Creativity and more…

To be creative, one must start somewhere. Creativity is bringing things together. But just brain-storm and consider things even outside the box, things that are impossible to achieve (so we think).  Try a different mathematical solution, a different marketing or engineering solution.  Success sometimes comes by just tweaking things just a little.

Consider the configuration of artificial intelligence and deep learning neural networks. There are so many ways to configure and initialize them.  So many different types of neural nodes and ways to mathematically connect the nodes also called Perceptrons.

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new — possibly said by Albert Einstein

Here is a great set of project results to consider for stimulating creativity in Machine Learning…
Higgs Boson Machine Learning Challenge

near the Columbia River in the snow

near the Columbia River in the snow

Machine Learning (AI) – some great courses

Maybe the top classes in Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.
Machine Learning – Stanford University | Coursera Andrew Ng, uses Octave/Matlab
Intro to Machine Learning Course | Udacity taught by Sebastian Thrun and Katie Malone, uses sk-learn, a Python platform
Deep Learning by Google | Udacity, uses sk-learn, a Python platform

Intro to Artificial Intelligence Class Online – Udacity

Intro to Artificial Intelligence – Udacity

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Columbia University

Machine Learning and algorithms – Columbia University

Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree | Udacity
Unsupervised Feature Learning and Deep Learning — Andrew Ng, Stanford
Machine Learning: Google’s Vision – Google I/O 2016
For introductory material on machine learning and neural networks:
‘Deep Learning’ at Berkeley  http://rll.berkeley.edu/deeprlcourse/,

Great AI Platforms – Artificial Intelligence

Great Google AI Platform: TensorFlow.org – Machine Intelligence
Also look at: Google Cloud Machine Intelligence and Google Cloud Machine Learning

Some AI platforms:

A Tour of Machine Learning Algorithms

Most platforms seem to use python programming language (or c++) for the interface.

Some Terms

  • Data Analysis, Data Mining, Machine Learning and Mathematical Modeling are tools.
  • Artificial Intelligence — automatic ways of reasoning.
  • Machine Learning — turning data in to information and making decisions.
  • Data Mining — extracting information from lots of data
  • Artificial neural network (ANN)
  • Pattern recognition



Creativity Thoughts from my Tweets

Creativity thoughts from my tweets

Creativity starts with having fun trying to meet a real need.

Thinking of others improves creativity since usually it benefits others or society.

Creativity peaks in the morning when fresh, in the shower, out for a run or a walk in a new place. Complaining keeps us from moving forward, but Use adversity to stimulate creativity.

Creative people guard their time, sometimes say no to new projects.

Seeing patterns and making connections lead to insights and ideas.

Negative thoughts impair creativity, but sometimes the negative tension can urge us on to a new creative solution.

Creativity is thinking up new things.


Interface Technology for the Brain

Today people are developing technology to interface directly with the brain. One of the more safe ones (besides just a keyboard and mouse) is EEG (ElectroEncephaloGram). With EEG electrical probes are attached to the head on the surface. These connections are wired to a pre-amplifier or instrument amplifier, digitized and feed into a PC or Mac computer for analysis.

Several very low frequency brain waves have been discovered. The waves are actually radio waves (electro-magnetic) but the magnetic component is so small that just the electrical component is picked up.

Here is a few great articles:
Brain Computer Interfaces
Interface Tech for the Brain